Update: February 8, 2016

This week the Design Brief teams focus is centered around interviewing and diving headfirst into the wide open pool of users.

One of the group members, Abigail Emerson, summarized what we have been doing rather nicely, and also pointed out a very important thing to remember when working on a large and possibly intimidating project, in her hast blog post: Learning To Do Little


While working to collect as much information as possible we have taken the leap of faith into actually beginning the design of a space. However, to start with this, our team felt that it would be beneficial to actually get a feel for the size of the space and have a handful of visible models that we can be working on. Jackson Dalton, one of the members who is working directly with the scale models, explains what we have done in his last blog post: From Paper To Gravel To Whiteboard (Paint)



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