In the Freshman, Musk, cohort we are building a costume for a boy named Jared. However, since Jared is in a wheelchair, his costume is special. Instead of making him an ordinary costume, it is more like a playhouse of wheels. For Jared, we are building him the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. It is going to be four-foot wide diameter circle that he can roll into. On the inside, there is going to be a control panel with lots of buttons and lights that all make sound.

I am in the group that is making the frame for the whole thing. We are almost done with the whole project, but it has taken lots of hard work and we have had to overcome many challenges. There were problems with the material, the dimensions, the stability, and many more. After lot of thinking we were able to solve the problems. We are all very excited to unveil Jared’s costume to him later this month at Heros and Villians Con.

Jared is planning to take his costume to the Heros and Villians convention this weekend. This has put us on a very tight schedule. Being in the frame group, we have had a hard time staying on track of this deadline. There have been problems we have ran into along the way. At first, we didn’t realize the complexity of the engineering side of the build. Our first problem was finding the best material to use. We started with a plastic-like material, but it didn’t work because it was too flexible. Then we tried using expanded PVC but again, this material was still too flexible, so we moved on to using plywood. So far, the plywood has been working great and we are about done building the frame. We are wrapping the frame in the expanded PVC to make a outer layer.

The last thing needed is all the lights and sounds. There are two other groups of people who have been working very hard to make the Millennium Falcon really come to life. There are going to be lights lining the inside of the main part and a dashboard with buttons and levels that make noise and music play. Since Jared is blind, it is really important for us to get all the sound perfect – just like the movie. The challenging part is they have had some issues getting the sound board to work right. Fortunately, it started working late last week and there has been a lot of work done on it since.

This has been an amazing project that I got the awesome opportunity to be a part of. It has taken us about six weeks and it has been a lot of work to get where we are now. We are all very excited to show it to Jared at the Heros and Villians Convention.

Author: Emery Hoffman, Musk Cohort

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