At the start of this iDiploma school year, the cohorts got straight to work! After revving up our team by guiding our new members of the program through some short activities in design thinking, we transitioned into groups to start working with outside organizations. My team has been collaborating with the Georgia Farmer’s Market Association (GFMA), which began with a meeting to focus our work. When GFMA spoke about their team, goals, and upcoming events, we talked through current needs and ideas for the future of the nonprofit. To target the essential tasks for our team, we combined the products of two Rose, Thorn, and Bud (pros, cons, and potential assets) charts. So far, the focal point of our work has been the upcoming Food for Thought conference that GFMA is hosting at the end of November. Once this has passed, we hope to redirect our attention to expanding the “buds” and clipping the “thorns” that we identified in our first meeting.
For the Food for Thought conference, my team started by creating an image overlay for its social media campaign to create a consistent theme. We are currently designing a rack card to spread information about the dates, speakers, and how to sign up. So we can become more involved, our small team is trying to coordinate our own attendance for the conference, hopefully hosting a short session and meet-up with GFMA’s members and network.
Since boosting membership is connected with the conference participants, we’ve also started providing website feedback to work out some kinks in its smoothness and navigation. To further the quality of our input, one of our goals is to go through the experience of signing up to be a member of the association and undergo the signing up process. We also believe it would be beneficial to interview members and potential members as empathy work, allowing our team to gauge GFMA’s audience and associates.

About the author:

Eliza Bruno is a tenth-grade student at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School who is currently in her second year of the iDiploma program. She enjoys creative writing, solution seeking, and empathy research, for which reasons she entered the program. She hopes to pursue a future which allows her to engage in real-world problem solving and continue expanding her network.

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