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Fire and Ice

Wow iDiploma is busy! We are doing so many different projects and design briefs right now it’s almost hard to keep up! We started off with a lot of internal design briefs designed to boost the iDiploma image. We had briefs focused on revamping the brand, enlarging our network, serving our community, figuring out how to tell our story, and transition iDiploma from a “start-up” to a design firm. I have been in the branding group, and we so far have come up with tee-shirt designs, business card prototypes, and remodeled – and rebuilt – our website (new website coming soon!). The networking group has created and expanded our social media presence – from Twitter, Instagram, email, and more, iDiploma has become more of a presence. Other groups have begun to blend together as their purposes become aligned. The branding and networking groups, for example, are working closely together. The other groups are exploring…

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Frazer Center Reflection

Megan Lienau

From October 2016 to June 2017 I worked on a design brief in conjunction with the Frazer Center. As a part of the Experiment stage I orchestrated meetings between Frazer faculty and the faculty of other forward thinking schools in Atlanta with the understanding that partnership between these organizations would be incredibly valuable for all parties. Our team was able to see the beginning of such a partnership through a couple of professional conversations and a flash lab design thinking workshop.

I held a joint visit to the Turning Sun School in December 2016 with Director of Turning Sun Alicia Karpick, and Director of the Frazer Center Paige Kubik as a follow up to a previous visit our team had in November. The conversation that took place during the joint visit was extremely beneficial to both sides as they were easily able to communicate in detail their problems and get…

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