In Innovation Diploma, we were presented with a design brief* through Mount Vernon Institute For Innovation by S.J. Collins Enterprises to design an outdoor area in Chamblee that would be in a shopping center they were creating. In order to learn more about our project, we started researching about the Chamblee area and we set up a meeting with our client to discuss about the details. After, we went out into the community to different outdoor areas so we could observe places where people gathered and find a common theme.


One of the biggest things our client wanted us to do was to become an expert on our users. The user he had in mind was a forty-two-year-old mother of two children. To do this, we set up interviews and went out to places in the community to do intercept interviews. For intercept interviews, we go out into the community and hold mini interviews with the people in those communities. This was the most important phase for us because for us to understand the needs of our user, we had to understand their experiences and point of view.


We interviewed more than seventy people from the community of Chamblee. After interviewing, we started coming up with ideas as to what our design would be. Then, we went on to create quite a few 3D sketch-ups, meeting with our client afterwards to get feedback on them.


After the meeting, we started taking the main concepts our client liked and combined them, making one final sketch-up, which were pitched to him. When the pitch was done, he took the designs and with his landscape architect they are modifying them to fit the safety codes and will implement it in his development.

*A design brief is an application for a design project developed by Innovation Diploma, which represents a businesses need for a design and the group of designers.

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