The week of February 22nd the design group had a short meeting with Mr.Garrison. Akin to a presentation, though less formal, this meeting was the showcase of the designs that the group has been working on for the last few months.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Above is a slideshow of the 5 designs that were built from scratch by team member, Joshua Schwartz, in SketchUp. These SketchUp screenshots are accompanied by concept pictures from the web.)

Our Design Drivers <- Click here to check out part of the slide deck used during the presentation. The things on this slide deck are what we used as design drivers, or things that inspired and were catalysts of our designs.

Through this meeting we were able to gather some feedback and an absolutely invaluable experience. This week, the week of March 14th, the group is working through the feedback that we gathered in order to piece together a design which more directly fits the needs and wants of our client and users. Some of the objectives include multiple iterations of the space using the aspects which we believe were most fitting to the space based on the feedback that we gathered, and the development of the final presentation that we will be giving.

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