Last week the Design Brief team worked on delving even deeper into the wants, needs, and community of Chamblee through longer and deeper interviews. We’ve also tried to narrow in on our purpose, our teams design driver, and have begun designing more concrete visions of the space we’ve been imagining. As we’ve done this more visual representations have begun to litter our work space and computers.

Team member Joshua Schwartz recently wrote a blog post about the past week which includes numerous pictures of some of the designs we’ve been thinking of as rendered on the program Sketch Up Make. You can read this post on his blog here: First Renderings


Team member Maxine Peterson also recently posted a reflection on the past week. This post is brief, about the interviews that we conducted, and includes a picture of the wall where we have been capturing all of the feedback that we have been getting. You can read this post here: End of The Week Reflection (02/08 – 02/12)

human connection1images (4)

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