Contrary to the title, this is gonna be a short one. Today in fun time, we had a lively discussion regarding this Harvard Business Review article regarding IQ (intellectual quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), and CQ (Curiosity Quotient). The author explains how he believes that both EQ and CQ can be grown and developed, while IQ in itself is hard to coach up.

Now, I was sitting there looking at the article and noticed how the author described IQ as a key standard for judging “real-world outcomes such as job performance and objective career success”. We spend a lot of our time in iD declaring we’re run closer to a business, and that got me thinking. If IQ literally stands for intellectual quotient, why can’t problem solving and question asking (CQ), as well as complexity and emotional control (EQ) just be melded into IQ, which in turn would be redefined? Intellect itself is defined as “the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively”, and I personally think that understanding something objectively takes more question-asking and self-reflection than a couple long math problems does.

So now I’m interested into what the readers think. I hesitated to bring this question up in the discussion so that other topics could come to light, but now since I’ve had time to flesh out the idea, I’d love to hear other opinions.


  1. This is an interesting point Jackson. It reminds me of how some of the cohort members during this discussion mentioned how they don’t believe Curiosity Quotient is really a thing because it is just human nature to be curious. Also I totally agree with how all 3 of these principles are closely related and intertwined. I wish the article would have gone a little further with facts on how these quotients are measured and tested for, because I think that would help get to the core of how they are differentiating them. On some level I do understand how they measure different things, but I also think it would be interesting to have some sort of pi graph maybe where it showed not what your quotient is for each area necessarily, but it showed how all three of them work together to make up a person. It might be cool to see if you have more of an IQ EQ or CQ in terms of these measurements.


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