FUSE is an annual event which brings together teachers and students to actively learn design thinking while prototyping solutions for Georgia nonprofits. This was my first time attending the event hosted by the Mount Vernon Center for Innovation in Atlanta.


Here are five lessons and golden goodies I brought back from #fuse15

1. The Students!

At #FUSE15, handfuls of students served as improv leaders, coaches and active participants in design challenges. Student leader, Anya Smith,  opened the event with a thunderously inspiring MOVE talk about learning through design. The next time you’re planning a professional learning experience at your school, consider how you will integrate students.  Lesson learned- Don’t simply learn and design FOR students, learn and design WITH students!

Student-led intros at #fuse15 @pinyabananas Student-led intros at #fuse15 @pinyabananas

2. Rapid Prototyping Rocks!

Quick prototyping with everyday objects is super fun and teaches valuable lessons about the creative process.  Within 20…

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