Hi Friends! Well I’m back after a month-ish of theatre, academic work, and general responsibility that keeps me from the joy I find when writing.

So, for the tenth post, I’m gonna talk about something I’m interested in: Cellphones. Particularly, Android smartphones, and if we’re being particularly particular, I’m talking about HTC smartphones. Now, some of you might know the name HTC. They had really cool commercials back in the day, but fell flat and have been rebuilding their brand for a while now. They have a family of phones called the HTC One. Starting with the One (M7), they’ve built a solid phone with a great screen, awesome front-facing speakers, and smooth performance over the past 4 years. And now, they’re getting ready to unveil their newest model, the One (M9).

And here is where it stops making sense.

A renowned tech leaker named EvLeaks posted this shot about a month ago. The 4 phones are the 4 HTC flagship models that he has leaked in the past 4 years, and the right most picture is (supposed to be) the new One M9. The design looks to be an elegant departure from the last Ones, and the Android world caught on fire. The excitement was very real, and then more concepts leaked and the Android world proceeded to just explode. Everyone and their grandmother wanted this M9. March 1st (the official reveal date) could not come sooner.

But all good things must come to an end, and another leaker named Upleaks posted this quoting official sources. And that version of the M9 is….okay, it’s not an ugly phone. It’s just a carbon copy of last year’s One, the One M8. If you don’t believe me, go look it up. Except for the camera and the weird fourth button on the navbar (bottom bar), it’s the same phone. And this was just yesterday. In the past 24 hours Upleaks has posted videos of this phone, suspended off of twitter, and then reinstated. EvLeaks, the original (and really much more reputable) leaker has remained silent, former HTC employees are confirming the leaks, and current HTC employees are denying the leaks rather cheekily, further implying that this could all be an elaborate ruse to throw people off. The only things that are absolutely certain is that March 1st is 3 days away, and no one can wait much longer.

Wow technology is stressful.

We’ll see what HTC pulls out of the bag, but I hope it’s the first phone that was leaked. HTC doesn’t have any breathing room like a Samsung or Apple does. They can’t release a mediocre flagship and survive for another year. They need to put up or shut up (permanently) this time, and only time will tell what their fate is.

Let’s go, HTC.

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