Abigail Emerson

To start off an awesome week, we didn’t have school Monday because it was President’s Day, and because it looked like there was going to be snow, we had a delayed start on Tuesday.Tuesday was one of our major prototyping days. πnya, Maquie, and I worked on the camping chairs, while A.J. refined the sketch-up, and Margaret continued to work on the budget. Last, but certainly not least, Jacob and Jackson worked on creating table prototypes that were scaled down to fit in the scale model room. I truly believe that prototyping has allowed me to learn and revisit the math skills that I may or may not have learned through a math class.

Since we had conferences on Wednesday, there was no school.

It was THURSDAY!!!! (My most favorite day of the week!) Thursday started out with a Consultivaation with Mr. Adams and Mrs. Cureton, concerning growth and learning…

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Written by Abigail Emerson

I am a Mount Vernon student, Innovation Diploma member, (I)nnovator, and Learner. Passion pursuer, and achiever. I am also an advocate for reimagining education.

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