14 people started this coVenture, and now we have narrowed it down to 7 after the others picked up their camping chairs and decided to go back to their iVentures by walking into the other room. All is good and fine, and it was expected and even wanted for us to create a smaller team, and now that we have finished our 3 week design sprint, we were finally ready to make some decisions.

Personally, I’m not sure that many people expected me to stand up when those that wanted to continue were asked to rise and then to stay in the studio. The thing is that I believe this is a part of my venture. By redesigning our ID studio we are helping to change the perception of what it means to be at school, and what a school “classroom” can look like; that’s always been a part of what I’m passionate about. Engineering and architecture has also been fascinating me more and more especially since going to Nerd Camp last summer for the architecture course, and this is a great way to practice those skills in school.

Furthermore, everyone knows I get involved in a ton of stuff. I never know what to focus on. I think that if I was to move back to iVenture mode right now I would go back to being confused as to what I specifically want to do. I think sticking with the coVenture will not only give me a focused goal to work on, but it will also help me get that feeling of following through which I’m not always best at doing on a large scale.

The truth is that I didn’t spend that much time debating on this one. When Ms. Cureton said, “If you want to keep working on the coVenture please stand up,” I don’t think I even hesitated or looked around the room at all to see who else would be joining me; I just stood up. I think my head instantaneously went through this thought process, and for once I feel rather confident in this decision. I mean back in the beginning I was the one to propose the Roof as first an iVenture and then a coVenture which is eventually what lead us back to here (technically Fuse14 and even one of our application questions was hinting at it for a while). I have also been a leader from the beginning with our planning of how this coVenture would go, so I feel pretty invested and passionate about seeing that it is completed.

Mr. Adams and Ms. Cureton both seemed a little surprised by the team that decided to venture forward with the redesign on the studio, simply because it wasn’t what they had predicted (to be honest, it wasn’t what I predicted either). However, I think we have a solid team and we already made some good progress in the last 30 minutes today.

Margret, Jacob, AJ, Maquie, Abigail, Jackson, and I have already decided what steps we need to take next, established roles, and created a working timeline. (At the top is a picture of the work we got done today.)

I’m excited to see where this venture takes us!

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