At last, the venerable Tech Wednesday makes it’s extremely important and very very hyped return…okay, maybe I was kidding about some of that hype.

Anywho, today I want to talk about Ara. Project Ara is one that requires a little explaining and a lot of video watching/picture seeing. So I’ll give you guys some links to look at.

Alright, back? Good.


When I decide to buy a phone, I’m the kind of person who will nitpick. I tussled with my current phone’s screen size, as I thought 5.5 inches was too big (I decided against that opinion as I started using the phone), and for a person who is afraid to commit to one piece of hardware, Ara is a dream come true. Hardcore into photography, but can’t afford a nice DSLR? Why not attach a massive camera to your Ara? Really like to listen to your music, but don’t have decent speakers? Make the whole bloody phone a speaker then!! There limitless possibilities as to what exactly Ara can become. Actually, scratch that. The only limitation is the imagination and the 3rd Party. I’m super super excited to see where Ara goes, and I wish them good luck.


  1. Just think… Innovation Diploma could be like the human version of ARA. We just have to stay committed to figuring out how we best plug into each other’s work and interests.


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