Wow, failing on the job. I really thought yesterday was Friday and therefore the challenge weekly post should be done tonight. Then I woke up to discover that it is Sunday…

Oh well, fail up.

Last weeks challenge was all about redesign.

I was making tea one morning, when I got really mad at the honey container because I couldn’t get any honey out even though there was quite a bit left in the bottle. Then I got an idea. What if honey bottles had a design like that of a push pop popsicle? basically it would be a bottle, but the bottom could be pushed up so that it is easier to get honey out of the bottle. I had thought about the potential problems with pushing from the bottom more exactly like a push pop:

How would you store this? 

What if you had honey leaking out through the sides? 

What if the stick to push it up broke?

To help with most of these problems I thought about making the tool to push the bottom up, handled on the side of the bottle. This way the bottom could be sealed and not awkward to store, but it could still move up as the intended design.

Next I told my family about the idea to get some feedback. When my mom heard the idea it reminded her of a deodorant container where you twist from the bottom to push the substance upward.

I thought this made way more sense then my idea of putting it on the side, because trying to pull up could lead to all sorts of difficulties. Thus I came to the idea that I’m at so far with a honey bottle that has a twisting bottom that allows for honey to be pushed up; therefore, allowing for an easier time getting honey for your cooking pleasure.

Now you can’t win every challenge the first try, and I’m sad to say that while I thought about this challenge, I never got around to creating the prototype besides in my head. Therefore, I challenge myself personally to still try and get this done.


This weeks challenge though takes only thought:

If Walt Disney was alive today, and you could only ask him one question, what would it be? 

The challenge starts now.


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