Last weeks challenge (Pick an object in your room, and give it a story) has been complete! King of the Bed

The fight for the bed is no joke. Not every animal in the bedroom gets the honor of being chosen to spend the night on the mighty cloud of Sleep Heaven. But Spot, Spot was always picked. Spot had traveled the world going everywhere from New York City, to Puerto Rico, to Greece! Spot was the king and he knew it. He stands from his mighty white thrown looking down onto his willing subjects, giving them hope of the day when they will be chosen. He isn’t a tyrant, but instead an honest leader that watches over everyone. Staying awake all hours of the night, Spot protects everyone from the shadows of lurking creatures in the night. He is as loyal of a friend as anyone could wish for, and he will stay by your side always. Mighty, honest, and loyal, Spot is the King of the Bed.

Now for this week, the challenge is:

Redesign a common household object and make a low res prototype of it.

You don’t need any high tech supplies to make a prototype, just take objects from around your house and throw them together to explain your idea. Have fun!

The challenge starts now.

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