This week, πnya created a challenge for us to do, which was to create a story for an item. Challenge accepted!

The mirror hung in the same place, its thoughts scattered. “What am I doing here? Why can’t I get down?” It thought to itself. It has recently been having a hard time deciding what it really was. You could call it an identity crisis. “All day I hang on this little black hook, staring out at a white room.” It thinks to itself, “I always see other people standing n front of me and they seem to look back at me. Are they pitying me? I wonder what I really look like?” It’s always seeing something new though, although where it’s positioned never changes. One day, as it is pondering the meaning of life, the mirror is lifted up off of its hook. “Wow! So this is what it’s like moving!” It thinks to itself. The mirror was moved to another room, passing another, yet taller mirror as it was moved. It felt a flood of emotions come to it as it saw it’s reflection for the first time in forever. Smiling inside, the mirror was now content. It lived the rest of it’s life on a different wall, grateful for the move. Sadly, it broke, yet it broke knowing that it had done something good. As it’s last “funeral,” it was put in a box that was shut tight, and it thought to itself one last time, “You’ve done good.”

Written by Abigail Emerson

I am a Mount Vernon student, Innovation Diploma member, (I)nnovator, and Learner. Passion pursuer, and achiever. I am also an advocate for reimagining education.

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