Hello and Welcome to The Innovation Information Desk.


I would like to address the lack of IID postings for the last few weeks. So, as you know the holidays are upon us. Quite recently we have had Thanksgiving, and at this point Christmas is only 21 days away. Now, this means, not only is everyone shop, and food crazy, but they are also stress crazy. These next few weeks are the weeks in which everyone in the school is in a scramble-like state. We’re trying to get through everything. Finishing lessons, taking quizzes and tests, and doing projects. Then there is the approaching week of impending doom. This week would be mid-finals week. Not only do teaches have to compile a bunch of information, but they are also stuck with the grading of these usually very long tests. Then the students are stressed out. Spending a lot of their time compiling the information that they have into study guides, and trying to figure out what they need to know the most. Studying, cramming, stressing, etc… Everyone hoping and praying that they’ll make it to Christmas break alive.

Henceforth, the IID posts may be lacking, or short, or possibly less inclusive of other ID members then it usually is.

However, here is a brief overview of the week of Dec. 1 so far:

As of late the cohort has been working on a cohort wide (co)Venture. Our (co)Venture is set around the design of a space, and at this point int time have decided to re-design the ID room. Our last session -sessions which take place on Tuesdays- was spent agreeing on the re designing space, and observing the room, then brainstorming and sharing out ideas for possible designs.

Also, the cohort recently took something called the Gallop Strengths Centre Test, and have been working with a Strengths coach. Our next meeting with our coach will take place this Thursday (Dec. 4).

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