Thanks to Emmy I somehow managed to realize today is Wednesday. And with that comes blogging. I’d like to make a quick point that this is my 5th Tech Week post! Yay for small achievements in blogging. Well, onwards.

The ESA Rosetta mission has officially succeeded! Philae, the name for the lander stage that actually made contact with the comet landed at 16:08 Zulu time (GMT) and it took about 30 minutes for the radio transmission that would confirm a solid landing to reach Earth. The original plan for Philae’s landing was to fire a tether towards the surface and drag itself down to the surface of the comet–essentially, a comet harpoon. Take that, Captain Ahab. However, the comet harpoon failed, and descent was controlled by more conventional thrusters, and spikes in the landers feet dug into the surface to make sure Philae didn’t just bounce off the comet and float off into the void. Funny how technology works huh? All those years of intense mathematics and literal rocket science all comes down to whether or not the harpoon fails.

In other space news, Google recently signed a 60 year, 1 billion dollar lease with NASA to take control of part of an old Navy air station and renovate 3 crazy large hangars to further experiments in aviation, space exploration, and robotics. There’s no telling what Google could do with that amount of space, but wow am I excited to see what comes of it in 5-10 years.

Did someone say Google? Like Android Google? Yes, today is the official starting of the rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop. I’m not going to talk about the internal changes for Lollipop cause that’s a lot of tech things, but ggawwwddd it is smooth and buttery and just a great-looking Operating System. The best Android has ever looked. Google is also picking up on advertising Android, and has come up with some great ads which I’ll link below. It’s quite interesting as to how they’ve gone and advertised this Operating system used by 80% of all smartphones. Whereas Apple/Samsung/whoever is obviously marketing a product, the product Google has to advertise is the base which all the others are built on.  So instead of advertising Android directly by showing some features or something like Apple does, they advertise what Android is all about; Being together as one user base, but not the same. Oh just watch some of the videos and you’ll sort of see what it’s getting at.

Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #3 (My favorite)

And #4

Well thats about it. Hope you all enjoyed and will continue to tolerate my writing! Until next Wednesday, at least.

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