The Life of Pinya


Every Monday the ID cohort has what we call #IDReads. During the week we pick an article or excerpt or video that we want everyone to read/watch, and then we discuss the piece on Monday. For tomorrow, we will be discussing Schools that work for kids | Eric Sheninger | TEDxBurnsvilleED.

One thing I found really interesting was when Eric was discussing technology and that helped inspire a lot of the thoughts I express in this post.

At my high school, my grade (class of 2017) has been occasionally known as the “stalker grade”. I know the word stalker is really serious word and probably shouldn’t be used so lightly and jokingly, but let me explain why we are called this. Many people in my grade can and have proven their abilities at finding information online and sometimes it is “scary” what we can find, such as the contact info…

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