The Life of Pinya


It’s really hard to take a step back, but sometimes that is exactly what you need to do. Today was another coVenture Tuesday, so ID was all about “HMW Roof?”.

The interview team started with unpacking the interviews we had with the 5 people in total that we met with from last week. We discovered some common themes of people enjoying/wanting open flexible space, natural light, and something about Starbuck was intriguing to everyone because it came up in every conversation. The Starbucks thing was when we realized that all of our users were girls. This wasn’t on purpose, but we realized that only talking to girls could skew our insights on the general MVPS community, because the school doesn’t only have girls.

We started brainstorming some “what if” ideas about what would be game changing for these people. Some ideas included having a Starbucks on campus and designing grade level hangout…

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