Hello and Welcome to the Innovation Information Desk.

The Week of November 3rd-

This week, being the hectic week of beginning a new schedule, has been quite a few days of interesting beginnings, continuations, and collaboration. The new schedule has thrown the cohort into a planning situation, one which has made our time far more organized (which was what our facilitators were really pushing for).  The cohort, as a whole, have made a time to read important pieces, and discuss. On Tuesdays the cohort works in two separate teams on the group (co)Venture, the (co)Venture to the roof. Then the rest of the days that we have our times blocked out have been planned according to individuals needs.

So, with this week began the implementation of the newly designed schedule which, with only a few minor prototype hitches, flowed smoothly.


Despite the fact that there is now slightly less time during the actual school day that the cohort members are working on their (i)Ventures the progress is still a constant, now just on more than one level.

A.J. Whitney: “Working on the plot.”


Jacob Buck: “Watching TED Talks about food and cooking and researching moto, a restaurant in Chicago.”

Abigail Emerson: “After having my *internal, I have decided to go through the feedback I got. From the internal, I heard many great ideas, and I would love to follow through with some of them.”


*Internal – Short, progress update, presentation. In this case, presenting an idea, and where you are at with it, in order to get feedback in the form of, “I like…, I wish…, I wonder…”

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