Hey guys, sorry there wasn’t a post last week, I was smack dab in the middle of working the soul-sucking drama that is/was MORT. Anyways, yay I’m back.

SO, this post is about the new email service that Google is introducing called Inbox. Inbox is the new answer to “HMW email”, and Google is slowly introducing it to the market. BUT WHAT ABOUT GMAIL?? Don’t worry, this works along side it, so no worries Gmail addicts. Inbox, while at first just looks like a prettier email client, is heavily focused on the idea of an empty inbox. Not deleting your emails so to speak, but to deal with every new message in a systematic manner, and then send it to the “Done” pile. If you don’t have time to deal with a message right away, you can snooze a message to resend a notification in 15/30/60/2345432 minutes so you can deal with it later. Can’t deal with your Wachovia bill cause you’re in a movie, but you know you’ll forget about it? Snooze. Your aunt emailed you about the ducks she saw but you’re eating dinner? Snooze. And they’ll all come back, ready to be dealt with.

You can also send a message to a group folder that can be acted upon as a whole, or individually. Say you subscribe to Cat Facts daily, but you need your Cat facts separate from your bills/work email/etc. Just create a “Cat facts” category and every time a Cat Facts email pops up you can swipe it away to Cat Fact Oblivion. For example, in my inbox I have one folder for Internet shopping bills, one for “useless crap” and one for family emails. When I receive 30 “useless crap” messages that will take 3 minutes to delete manually, I just assign them to “Useless crap” folder, hit “Done”, and wham. Useless Crap is now Non-existent Useless Crap. We live in the organizational future.

This was a pretty big week in Tech. There is a lot of controversy over NFC payments as retailers are blocking Apple Pay/Google Wallet and funding a shady (and already insecure) Walmart-backed client called CurrentC. The Internet fast-lane stuff is picking up pace again, and apparently Youtube is now introducing a subscription. A commercial rocket even blew up seconds after takeoff on Monday. ROCKETS. BLOWING. UP. But. I chose to write about Inbox because I am not a organized person by any definition. In the 3 days I have used it, however, I have cleaned up my personal Inbox and addressed more emails than I ever have.

The kicker is that it’s

1) only available for personal Gmail accounts. I.E, we can’t use the emails Mount Vernon gives up because they are xstudent20xx@mountvernonschool.org, not Gmail. At least, not yet. The Inbox team is working on setting up Inbox for large organizations like MV.

And 2) Only available via Invite. At least for now. Invites aren’t slow to come however, and I got one within 36 hours of asking for one. SImply email inbox@google.com from your personal Gmail and they will get working on sending you one.

Alright, thanks for getting this far. Next week looks to be another big week, so until then!


  1. Jackson, I use “Mailbox” on my iPhone, and it does all of this functionality, and I love it. It also integrates well with “Airmail” which I use on my laptop. Both, obviously, work seamlessly with my gmail clients – personal and professional.

    I am loving these Wednesday posts. Have you considered creating a “portfolio” of these and submitting to digital magazines for a column that you would create? What I appreciate most is the voice with which you write, and I applaud your creative use of syntax, when most “students” think “formal” writing has to follow certain conventions.



  2. Thank you! Yes, Mailbox is quite similar to this. I’ve never actually used it though, so I decided to just write about Inbox.

    I haven’t thought of that, but I will reach out if this column gets bigger. Who knows where it will go.


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