Hello and welcome to the Innovation Information Desk. 

The Week of October 27th-

This week has been an enriching time, from figuring out a new schedule to establishing a cohort (co)Venture. There have been struggles, and there has been progress. Many cohort members have made connections, or are in the process of making connections that will aid the blossoming of their Ventures. However, there have also been a few (welcome) interruptions to what we would consider to be our work hours.

Last Friday the cohort worked as part of an event hosted at our school called COI – Council on Innovation. [This programme that we host is basically a meeting, and design thinking workshop, for external experts. We have people from big companies, and some from more home based companies, come in, and go through what we call the DEEP* motions. They converse as a group of adults, then are taken on a learning walk through either the high school and 7th and 8th grade building, or the lower school. They return for lunch where they are seated not only with differentiating adults, but also one high schooler, and one middle schooler. They take the time that they are given during lunch to discuss questions provided to them. After this time is up the individual groups share the general ideas discussed, then are released into the flash lab. The flash lab is a time in which two council members are seated with two high school students, and work in pairs (one council member and one student) to interview the other pair at the table, and then design a rapid prototype of a solution to a problem that they chose to focus on (a problem based on something from the interview).]

This week the cohort as a whole has also participated in what could be considered the, determination-of-innovation-and-openness-towards-21st-century-learning, interviews for the new HOUS -Head of Upper School- candidates.


This week has been filled with interesting whatnot’s, which have accelerated differences, and opened doors and windows for the cohort.

**A.J. Whitney: “Working on the plot for my book and filling out the (i)Venture document for it.”


Abigail Emerson: “I have just started a (co)venture with Mr. Boden about a theory he has for a building in Buckhead. Around 7:30 am, the sunlight hits the building perfectly, to a point where it seems magical, so we are trying to get in touch with the architect who built it, wondering if it’s just a strange coincidence or planned.”

Jackson Dalton: “Continuing to learn how to program in Java, slow but steady progress.”


Anya “Pinya” Smith-Roman & coworker (Katherine A. Jones) : “Kat and I are trying to work on our networking skills. He have just joined the world of Twitter and are trying to take advantage of this tool. We spent today doing some planning for next week as well as reading up on some people that we want to get in touch with. (Mr. Adams has also been taking the bull by the horns and helping with establishing some connections for us. He knows a lot of people…)”


Meg Guyton: “This week I am identifying exactly what i want to work on and help with the manatees and how i can help them to become safer.”


*DEEP – The deep process is a design thinking process created by some of the Mount Vernon Presbyterian Team. – DEEP stands for: Discover Empathy Experiment Produce –

**A.J. Whitney’s work – Here is a brief connection with Mr.Whitney’s “book work”: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o751WgQ-fmRkzAalN_vrjzJmQVpfbU2gVOSYSoMO-fs/edit?usp=sharing 

COI – Council on Innovation , COI

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