Hello and welcome to the Innovation Information Desk.

The Week of October 20th-

This week, being the following week to the cohorts headfirst dive into their Ventures, has been something of an exploration adventure. So far each day has been a baby step towards the implementation of action plans, and the building out of ideas for each individual. The designing of individual schedules has been highlighted, and the use of or time to reflect on, and discuss important situations within our reach.


This week has been a week of planning, and unpacking. Some internals were given on Wednesday, and now most cohort members are wading through shallow waters to the beginning of their (i)Ventures.

Abigail Emerson: “I have unpacked all of my interviews, and have decided that I want to redesign, or make a classroom design better than it already is. I need to decide who I am designing for. If I am designing for a teacher, then I’ll need to go interview the different kinds of teachers (i.e. literature, language, history, etc.). If I am designing for students, I’ll need to interview more of a variety of students, from grades 9-12. If I have time afterwords, I will start brainstorming ideas from the similarities, or the main problems that students or teachers have.”

Meg Guyton: “My I venture has changed a lot over the past two weeks, especially because I have changed it multiple times. I have finally decided on one, and I have dove deep into it. I have been involved in researching all week and still have so much more to learn, and I am excited to learn all of the information. I’m excited about what is to come and what I’m going to get to do next.”

Jackson Dalton: “I am working on developing my prospective mobile app for the foreseeable future.”

A.J. Whitney: “Working on my planning document to plan out the rest of the schedule time and am now starting on a (i)Venture document for a book.”

Megan Lienau: “Right now I am working on flushing out my idea so that I can share it with others and move forward in my plan.”

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