Today I experienced the second Mount Vernon Council on Innovation and it was an amazing day. The amount of ideas generated today along with the feedback we received was astounding, and gave me so many things to think about. There is no one part of this experience that stands out to me, but instead just being able to spend the day idea sharing with these incredible people who are leaders and executives in their industries has changed the way I look at the things I have done in my life. One realization that I had right after the flash lab was that through innovation diploma, the cdc experience, and everything that I have done so far with MVIFI has helped me access a part of my brain I did not know existed. I understand the idea of design thinking and innovation so much better now, especially because through this day I understand that what we have been doing at MV, or at least the experience that we are trying to bring to the school is so beneficial to us as students because I see now that it is needed in the adult and business world, CQ over IQ. Another extremely exciting piece I got from today is the connection aspect of this council. Not only did I make connections with members of this council that will help me, but I will be able to help them. This is also very beneficial to the school and the companies that these members represent. I know that I am not the only one that got something out of today and I am pretty sure that the members now fully understand what Mount Vernon is trying to do. I think they too had an eye opening experience, learning about the design thinking process that we follow and hopefully they will take their ideas back to their industries and actually do something with them because I know that MV definitely take in what was learned today, and hopefully with the support of this council we will be able to produce another product, like innovation diploma. Overall, today was one of the most exciting and eye opening experiences I’ve ever had in all of the 12 years that I have been a part of the Mount Vernon community and I and I am extremely amped to get going on my i(venture) and produce something amazing. #COI2014 #InnovationDiploma #MVIFI


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