Well, I’ll see if I can maintain this. It could get interesting.

Right, Tech Wednesday, yay! So, today was the official announcement of Android version 5.0, which is now christened Lollipop(actually the 14th version, but who cares?). I’m going to be as unbaised as I possibly can, but this update brings a total redesign to the entire interface called Material Design. I can’t explain a graphic user interface in words very well, but it is heavily centered on card-like notifications and transitions, with a very layered approach to how apps interact with each other and within themselves. It’s hard to explain, but wow is it a pretty interface. Along with the redesign comes multiple user support. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but having multiple users on a single family phone or tablet will make it easier to organize everyone’s apps/pictures/personal things. While those are the headlining features, their are also more than 5,000 additional app APIs for developers to work with (looking at you Snapchat, Instagram, Hyperlapse, etc) in order to fully take advantage of the Android platform. Battery and security improvements are also included. The update is planned to roll out to Google’s own devices within the coming weeks, and to other Android phones (Motorola, LG, Samsung, Oneplus, all those) as soon as their developers can roll them out.

About those Google devices , the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 were just announced along with Lollipop. The Nexus program at it’s beginning was meant to expose people to pure unmodified Android while providing a solid developer platform at a low price. Last year’s Nexus 5 cost 350 unlocked and off contract. In comparison, the iPhone 5S cost 599.99 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 cost 649.99 off contract. However, this year, the Nexus 6 is 649 off contract as well. What’s up with that, Google? Sure this years device is looking to be the best one yet, but why nearly double the cost? IS IT THAT GOOD?? Now don’t tempt me too hard, I have no income. As well as the 6, the Nexus 9 is looking to be the Android tablet to beat. I’m not really a tablet guy, but it looks to be the best offering going in 2015.

Speaking of tablets, okay, Apple time! Do I like them? Sure, I love my Macbook. Do I like their phones and OS? I’m not exactly a fan, no. So my opinion on them is up-in-the-air, and they’re straying from the innovative side of things, which makes me really sad. Anyways, Apple’s new iPads are due to be announced tomorrow, and new leaks are saying the new iPads are well…iPads. A new iPad Air and a iPad Mini 3 that basically look like they did last year. Here’s some pics! So nothing terribly earth-shatteringly new for Apple. Once again noting that drawback from innovation by Apple. What does that mean to their future? They seem to be hinting at a redesign of their logo, but only time will tell.

Well, that’s the first official Tech Wednesday, hopefully something else will be cool enough to write about for next week!

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