Hello, and welcome to the first post of Innovation Information Desk.

This kind of post will appear once a week as an informational on the whereabouts of the Innovation Diploma programme. As the week passes by many different goals are being proposed, set, and met. But what are those goals, and where are we going? Well, that’s what this post is for.

Once a week this piece will come out as not only an informational, but also a little bit of a check point for some individuals (with their permission).

Everything is wide open. If something is of interest the comments and my email are up for grabs. Don’t be shy. Feel free to comment on what is going on, offer ideas, or offer to work with/help us(or one individual).

The Week Of October 13th

This week has been a head first dive into the Venturing* process. Despite it still being quite early in the year innovation makes it’s own dates, and manages it’s own time. This week has been the tipping point of many discovery phases, blossoming into the beginnings of the very first Ventures [(i) or otherwise]. Co-workers have begun to lay out plans, push out ideas, and share out to each other. This may have been the case before, but now ideas are becoming solidified. There are connections being made, or potentials being shared, as well as questions asked, and wants becoming have-dones.


This week has been a lot, but that only serves as a heavy load that becomes a base for everything to follow. The students bellow have offered to share what they are currently doing, and have been doing through the week.

A.J. Whitney – “I have officially made myself the Director of Art and Design for the group and hopefully with start my book again soon, after planning out the story-line and generating other ideas.”

Jacob Buck – “I have narrowed my topic down to gaining culinary experience and possibly opening a micro-restaurant at the school.”

Anya “Pinya” Smith-Roman – “I have filled out an (i)Venture plan on the idea of “How do we share stories?” I have been trying to plan out my next steps in regards to this by laying out what time I have and what I want to do when. I have now begun to brainstorm interview questions that I wish to ask to a wide variety of people moving forward.”

Maquie Weiss – “I switched my in venture and am now in the researching phase again.”

*[Meghan Cureton, a co-worker of mine, is one of the creators of the term (i)Venture. I have asked her to give a brief explanation of the concept: 

“I chose Venture rather than project because a venture, according to the dictionary, is a risky or daring undertaking…it is when you dare to go somewhere or do something that is uncomfortable. This is how I see iDiploma’s “projects”…they’re not as defined nor do they have the same guidelines and restrictions that I envision when I hear the word project. 
(i)Venture – I am in charge of my own venture, and I choose the topic
(ad)Venture – Facilitators add a venture to your plate because of a need we see to build out a certain skill or set of skills
(co)Venture – I team up with another iD member or two to tackle a venture that has all of us steering or at least all of us working in connection with each other “ ]

You can contact me at: kwinters2017@mountvernonschool.org

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