Debating on making a weekly post on anything innovative I find technology-wise. Regardless, I’ll call this one the “trial version” and see if I feel like doing more.

Right, onwards. Ever have that very odd conversation with anyone about how much social media-ing we as a generation do? How many apps we have to handle and sort out and interact with? Possibly the most hypocritical conversation I’ve ever had.

“Yea I totally get it, we need to get off the TwitFaceGram universe and take in the world…rrriiigghttt after I check why ‘Hot Dogs and Diamonds’ is trending.”

Well, I recently found out about a very interesting app that just came out on the Google Play Store (Read: Android app store) named Snowball. Snowball tries to conquer the ever-growing mountain of social media apps by integrating all of them into one sleek app. The app as of right now supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts(!!), Twitter, and regular SMS texting. This is completely interesting to me because as more and more social media platforms are picked up by the general public, I find myself having to install more and more apps. More and more apps= more and more notifications, having to respond, keeping track of others, etc. Snowball seems to condense a farm of digital interaction into a small 500 square-foot apartment. Instead of a folder of apps sitting on my homescreen, I can (in theory) just have Snowball! My, what a time to be alive.

The app came out about 8 hours ago as of posting time, so it’s v 1.0 and probably not as solid and feature-rich as some apps, but it has some great potential. Also, it’s only available on Android. Am I trying to make iOS users jealous? No. Maybe. Okay, slightly yes. Definitely. And I’m sorry for that. Come over to the Android side! We have wireless charging and 1440p displays and cookies.

So, Tech Wednesdays, everyone? Thoughts? Comments? Deep concerns about life?

One comment

  1. Jackson,

    I like your prototyping of “Tech Wednesdays!” I would definitely pull your column into my feed reader and use your scouting to keep me informed about some of the tech horizons coming into view. I am an Apple devotee, so I wonder if your posts will apply to me and my immediate tech interests.

    I think you should keep this flow going.

    Mr. A


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