*begin unnecessary Android Wear excitement*

I’m resisting the urge to just write “oh my god Moto 360” 80 times and keep it to that. Seriously. But I’ll try to keep it down. Key word being try.

Anyways. My (i)venture is based on designing an aviation app focused on backup instruments and safety via the Android Wear platform. Android Wear is the OS running on the most popular smartwatches on the market, save for Apple (of course) and a few of Samsung’s “brick on a watch band” Galaxy Gears. The Galaxy Gear line is a terribly confusing line of watches that all look the same, do the same, but run two different platforms. BUT they’re completely irrelevant to this post so we’ll put Samsuck to sleep right now.

MOTO 360

The smartwatch of my choice is the Motorola(!?) Moto 360.

Besides being the first smartwatch to actually look like a watch(ROUND DISPLAYS YES), it’s been the most hyped product ever in perhaps the most niche market ever. Android. Watches. Niche within a niche, even though Android is 80 percent of the mobile phone market today. You thought everyone had an iThing? Well isn’t that little tidbit of information just humbling.

Anyways, I just received my unit today, and am super excited. Android Wear at the moment is somewhat limited, and Motorola is still ironing out some bugs in the device, but it’s looking to be a solid watch so far. This means I can get started on my (i)venture sooner than expected, and that makes me extremely happy. Plus, I got a super cool play thing to further distract me from those pesky essays! And I can ask it questions with Google Now! AHH. I’m looking forward to the future of these devices, and how they will grow in the future. This is still very much in the early adopter phase, so the edges are a little rough around the edges, but if you have questions about the device/platform you can ask me of course!

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