Just a warning, I’m gonna use the word thing a lot (It has a point to it I swear) in this next paragraph, so don’t think I’m illiterate or anything, please.

Innovation is one of those words people struggle to find a concrete meaning to. I usually like to describe innovation as a sort of “Hey, why hasn’t someone done this before?” moment. That kind of spark that fuels even further innovations to a point where you start thinking to yourself, “Wow, I might just have something here.” The DEEPdt process really helped me in shaping this view in my head. You start with Discovery, figuring out just exactly what that elusive ‘never been done before’ Thing is. Once you have it, you have to roll it around your mouth a little bit, smoothen out the edges, really understand how this Thing is going to solve the issue at hand. That beautiful refined pearl of a Thing you just made is the answer, and you know it. No one’s Thing is better than your Thing, and your Thing is the only solution to the problem your Thing solves. But here’s the kicker, if you can’t take your Thing and change it into a Tidbit, or an Item, or an Entity to solve another issue that’s related to the original problem, you aren’t innovating right! Once you realize adapting your Thing to the current issue is key to successful innovation, you truly understand what innovation means.

One comment

  1. How did you get to the Thing? I encourage you to focus BEFORE the Thing. Deep DT is all about the journey- what leads to the Thing. The Thing might be different if the journey has different destinations.


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