We went up on the roof on Friday, after discussing it for a long time. Everyone was very excited for finally being able to go. When I thought of going onto the roof, I thought of the ladder that led to a different part, by the staircase at the end of the hall. I think this was a great experience. While we were up there, everyone had many great ideas, some that could be accomplished maybe even this year, and some that might take a little more time. I loved how it felt being up there. It was so nice to be in the sunlight because being cooped up in a classroom all day gets a bit tiring. Why can’t we go outside more? Why don’t we utilize our outside classroom as much as we could? Around one corner, I noticed that there was a part where the wall disappeared into more of a slope. Why is it made this way? How could we make it so that if we were able to go on the roof more often, it would be more safe? I loved this experience because it was fun, and it was really cool to imagine all of the possibilities that we could do with the roof.


Written by Abigail Emerson

I am a Mount Vernon student, Innovation Diploma member, (I)nnovator, and Learner. Passion pursuer, and achiever. I am also an advocate for reimagining education.

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