So often, not only in school but everywhere, we, as a human race, do things that we could not care less about and I find that very bothersome. In school, we often work on projects or do homework that means absolutely nothing to us and in the “real working world” people get degrees and jobs not because they love what they are doing, but because it will make them money, or at least they hope to. I believe that people need a passion to do good work and so very often that passion/motivation is for the wrong reasons; getting good grades to get into college not because learning these skills will help you in life, getting a job for the money not the impact, etc. Since I was a kid, my mother, who is one of the strongest women you will ever meet, has always told me to find my passion and follow it and not care wether or not I will make large sums of money, but having both does not hurt (wink). She has told me that she does not like her job, but she still does it because it pays the bills (she works in reinsurance, so yikes). This message that she has told my sister and I countless times, actually resonated with us, unlike most times where people follow the stench of money. My sister is a true testament; my sister is an art major. Going into college, my mom knew that finding a stable job as an artist can be very difficult, but my mom told my sister that her happiness is more important than the pay and my sister loves being an art major.

But enough about my family, as Shang from Mulan says, “Let’s get down to business.” I suspect that if more people in the world followed their aspirations than this usually, pardon my French, crap filled world that we love in would be a lot less crap filled. I know that if we feel proud of our work several years after doing said work, then we know that we did something important to us. We need to show some pride, not pride in ourselves, but pride in our work/accomplishments and proud that we did something that matters to us and probably a large group of people. Remarkably, time after time, people try to get things done because they are expected to finish something by a specific time and are only working to meet that window of time, but I know that when we find our fascination, we will not just work to meet deadlines, but work because we wont to know more and love what we are working on. Also, if something means this much to you, then it has to mean something to people all over the world, meaning that it not only makes you happy, but touches the lives of people all over the globe.

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