Why for the football game are people allowed on the roof, but for regular school we can’t go on it? What if we had tents on the roof, and we were able to go there for lunch?

-Abigail Emerson

Written by Abigail Emerson

I am a Mount Vernon student, Innovation Diploma member, (I)nnovator, and Learner. Passion pursuer, and achiever. I am also an advocate for reimagining education.


  1. It is official. I think a new goal/challenge for ID is to figure out “HMW be allowed to go on the roof?” When I think of a roof of a school, the first thing I think of is always High School Musical and how the roof has a garden on top that Troy uses as a secret hide out. Why don’t we have a garden on the roof? Why can’t we have a secret hide out to think in? Why can’t we go on the roof? Let’s find out who is in charge of that and make a pitch. I’m going to start a google doc now to draft a pitch to Ms. Parker and I’ll share it with anyone who wants to help get this thing rolling.


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