For a long time, ever since the start of sixth grade, I’ve wondered why it was so hard to get up and go to school. Whenever I was even at school, I sometimes got bored while the teachers taught us because of either the learning techniques they used, or the empty and bland rooms, with an occasional poster here and there. I started really wondering, and thinking what teachers could do to better help us learn and understand, and then I thought, “What can I do to help make a change in the school to help others?” From there on, whenever I saw something that could be different, I started to imagine things in my head that I could and would do if I was in their positions. When I heard of the Innovation Diploma, I knew that this sounded like a great opportunity to explore what I was curious about, but little did I know, that it would be all that and more. Innovation Diploma has become a great way for me to connect and bond with some of my peers, who are just as curious as me, and I’ve loved the different ways of learning. It was a way for me to really open up my eyes to what could be done, and how I can alter things to make them even better.

I tend to think of Mount Vernon as a very innovative school, with all of the design thinking that the school talks about, but although there has been a lot of redesigning, there are still some of the same problems. I think that the classrooms are still a somewhat ok color, but they still make me dread going to certain classes. Now that I am in the high school, school has gotten better, except for the fact that we don’t get to go outside more often. I think that having class outside would better boost a student’s ability to want to learn because it would be so much more fun, and everyone would enjoy it much more. I feel that the school isn’t utilizing all of the space that we have, so that has brought me to this question, “How might we make it so that we can use our school to the fullest?” What awaits for me is unknown now, but as time continues, I will soon find out.

-Abigail Emerson

Written by Abigail Emerson

I am a Mount Vernon student, Innovation Diploma member, (I)nnovator, and Learner. Passion pursuer, and achiever. I am also an advocate for reimagining education.

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