What is on the roof? Why aren’t people allowed up there on occasion? Is there any excess space on the roof that we could turn into something else? Could we possibly make a classroom like area out there like the ones we have behind the school and in the woods? Do we have any room for things like solar panels? Has anyone else proposed ideas like this?


  1. Love this post, AJ. I teach only seniors this year, and for whatever reason they resist having me turn on the lights in my classroom. I get that. The fluorescent bulbs are harsh and a bit too intense. Unfortunately, there’s simply not enough natural light from the windows for my students to effectively see. It’s fine for my desk but not for theirs.

    I’ve asked them if anyone has a few extra floor lamps. Maybe we can solve the problem that way. But I wonder if we could install solar panels. Perhaps the cost would be too prohibitive in our present building, but what about the future high school? Any suggestions how we might bring more natural or softer light to my classroom?


    1. Something that my dad has done in many houses that he has worked on, including my own, is skylights. Skylights provide the perfect amount of light, without having to turn on a single lightbulb.


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