I’m with my grandparents for the weekend until my parents get back from a conference in Pittsburgh. Today we went to the park. I was thinking about how when you see kids on the playground they are smiling and thinking of new games to play. They are enjoying themselves while practicing creative thinking.


Why is it that playground time goes away? Don’t all people need time to practice creativity? When I kidnapped my friends we had gone to an interactive art park. We played on everything like it was a playground and had a blast. We imagined being on a spider and we all rode on it’s back. We swung into the trees. We swung and climbed to the top of structures. Why don’t high schoolers have their own playground? A place for them to have fun practicing creativity?


  1. I so appreciate that you recognize that PLAY has its place in all learning, no matter the age of the learner. What might your playground for you and your friends look like?


    1. I would think it would be similar to any other playground. But maybe it would be constructed by different classes. What if we had various classes make different structures that can be interactive? Kind of like an interactive art park where different artist all add their own touch to the park. There could be a science area with a dragonfly slide (i’ve actually seen this before) and maybe a molecule model; a history castle made to represent an old castle from a different time period; a math area with various tessellations used to create one of those half circle things to climb on; a English area with swings that look like different note worthy trees from literature, like “The Giving Tree” and the pomegranate tree from “The Kite Runner”; and maybe even a foreign language section with different colors and construct to show how other cultures have “play grounds”. By incorporating the subjects that we must use, we would also be giving an education side to the playing. Building it you could specifically talk about why you are constructing things certain ways, and then you could play on it and have curious play time.


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