While pumping gasoline in my truck, I could watch the news. Quick story items.

Who thought to put TVs (screens) in gas station pumps? What sparked that idea? How did it go from idea to reality? Where does programming come from? Where else could such an idea work?

Written by boadams1

Learner. Husband. Dad. Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA. Have worked in transformation design, educational innovation, and school leadership for 20+ years.

One comment

  1. I’m always fascinated by where TVs are placed. Waiting rooms, cars, banks, and now gas pumps. I’m curious what need they are satisfying: filling every spare moment with sound and image like so many dystopian novels imagine or providing information? I’m also fascinated by the channel those in control of the device choose. That’s a powerful opportunity to grab people’s attentions. Media is, after all, often about the control of information.


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